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Upcoming events

uly 22, 2021         

Trip to Smithville Bus leaves Clubhouse 10:45 AM

September 2021    

Fan Club (Friends and Neighbors) begins.  First Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. at Clubhouse. First meeting dues are collected.  $5.00 new Members, one time only.  Hosted by Margaret Rom and Betty Smolen

September 2021    

Bunco begins.  Check upcoming calendar for further details

October 14th

Columbus Market Bus leaves 8:00 AM from Clubhouse.  Sign up sheet in         Clubhouse

October 19th          

The Shore Club (formerly Doolans) Spring Lake.  Signup sheet is posted in Clubhouse.  Check next month’s Newsletter for details

October 28th          

Freehold Mall Bus leaves 9:15 Am from Club House.  Signup sheet is posted in Clubhouse




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