BACK IN THE DAY - by Ed Smolen 

Talking to a friend about the games we played when we were kids (about 60 + years ago).
These games were played OUTSIDE and some of them were actually in the street.  We would go out early in the morning play some games then come home for lunch usually white bread and mayo and a glass of milk, then play to supper time and if you were allowed to go out again and play till the street lights went on.

I wonder about the kids today with all these modern gadgets, electronics, do dads and games that keep them indoors.  Kind of sad about the young kids today and what they are missing. 

Remember the games from yesteryear?

Jump Rope                     Double Dutch                Hop Scotch
Tag                                 Johnny on the Pony      Stoop Ball
Box Ball                           Stick Ball                      20 Question
Beanies                            Pick-up Sticks              Red Light Green Light
Sand Lot Baseball             Marbles                       Roller Skates
Kick the Can                    War                              Ring Allerio
Jacks                                Hide & Seek                 Flip Baseball Cards                                  

 Can you think of more Games?  Leave a note in the clubhouse for Ed Smolen      

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